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Design – Graphics – Writing – Hosting – SEO



Design – Graphics – Hosting – SEO



Design – Graphics – Writing – Hosting – SEO



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Design – Graphics – Writing – Hosting

How to Get A Great NEW Website for Your Business

Every business needs a professional looking website

We meet and have worked with many businesses who have tried to make their own website, only to find it too difficult and too time-consuming to create a website that looks good, creates the right first impression for their business and can be found by the search engines.

Businesses must have a well-designed website that can be viewed on smartphones, iPhones, tablets, ipads, laptops as well as the PC.

Your website is the first contact a potential new customer sees of your business. If you have an old, tired or out of date website it will create a negative impression and lose you, customers.

So what does your website say about you and your business? Is it clearly laid out? Is it easy to navigate? Does it look professional? Simply put is it a great advert for your business or could it be doing your business harm.

We see a lot of websites that are out of date, looking old and neglected. Little thought was given to their design or ease of use. Some companies had a small simple website once offered by business directories. The truth is the web moves on at quite a pace and these sites need updating.

Try this little test, put yourself in the place of your customer, try searching online for what your business has to offer. Has your website shown up on the first 2 pages?  Go to your website as if you were a customer and how does it look and feel. NOW take an hour or so to look through the top 20 websites and carefully examine how your potential customers will view your competitors. Visit these sites as if you were a customer and see the impression you get, how the sites look, how easy are they to navigate and find the information you want.

Once you know what your competitors are doing you’ll know what you have to do too. That’s when you need to call us and see how we can help.

A decent, well written and well-built website costs less to have built and hosted for a year than a small local newspaper advert once a week for a month.

A well designed and written website will pay for itself over and over again. So call us soon and let’s get your company looking great on the web.

Just give us a call on 01562 747612. Sammy Southall



Design – Graphics – Writing – Hosting – SEO


Design – Graphics – Writing – Hosting – SEO



Design – Graphics – Writing – Hosting



Design – Graphics – Writing – Hosting – SEO