SEO Worcestershire

SEO Worcestershire by Sammy Southall Webworks. There is so much rubbish talked about Search Engine Optimisation, and so much misinformation it’s a job to know where to start. First of all, what is it? Well, you are aware that websites are found by people making searches in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. When writing content for new web pages there are certain guidelines that it is best to follow to help the search engines index and find those web pages easily, so that when someone types in specific search words into the search engine can offer them the most relevant pages.

Writing useful and informative content in a clear easy to read way is an essential part of on-page SEO, and it’s surprising how many web designers miss out on this important task. Firstly there are many designers who do not know very much about SEO, they are good designers, but not great writers and often leave the writing of the content to the business owner themselves, who will not know the best way to write for web pages. When we write the content for your website we always have your visitors in mind and write the website for maximum interest and search relevance. Add to this that Blog posts and social signs like Facebook, Twitter etc are becoming increasingly important parts of the SEO mix


Whilst we do not specialise in SEO  We are pretty good at it!!! We have learnt a great deal about it for our own company and for the many companies we make have made websites for. SEO is constantly changing and evolving. Trying to manipulate Google and other search engines is becoming increasingly fruitless. Some properly placed backlinks to your site could prove useful, the wrong links and too many of them could mean your website getting penalised.

We were asked to take over the upkeep and search engine optimisation of a website for a chauffeur company PCS Prestige Chauffeur Services in Worcestershire. Their site was not in the first 5 pages of Google for any of the highly competitive search terms they wanted to be found for. We went many days and went through the site with a fine-tooth comb and rewrote much of the content and added new pages. Within 6 weeks they were on either page 1 or page 2 for nearly all the key search phrases they wanted and have seen a big increase in the number of inquiries from their website.

We know of companies who have paid out £400 to £500 per month for SEO services only to find out after 6 or 9 months their site had still not got onto the coveted page 1 of Google. We are a web design company and we still get phone calls all the time promising to get us on the front page of Google, these are great salespeople but very rarely great SEO people. Also, like you we get regular unsolicited emails from people who claim to have visited our website and they see we are not showing up well in the search engines, believe it or not even Google itself gets these spam emails – If you have a moment it will be worthwhile if you read what Google itself has to say on the subject of SEO  HERE It will only take a couple of minutes but do read to the bottom of the page.

When you choose us as your web designers we will find out as much as possible about your business, about your customers and your competitors and what search terms ( sometimes called keywords ) or search phrases it will be best for your website to be found for. We can then advise the best way to go about creating a website that will best suit your business. We will do all we can to ensure that your site has the very best chance of being found by people searching for your service or product

There are no guarantees with SEO there is just the right way and the wrong way to do it correctly. There are other sorts of SEO, there is off-page SEO such as backlinking which is getting a company to get your site linked from other websites on the web, this is very time-consuming, very expensive and can have very very poor or even detrimental results, If the company doing your backlinking are using ” Black Hat Methods ” they can end up having your website penalised or even banned from the search engines.

The only way to be 100% sure of being on the first page of Google is to pay for Google Adwords – there are some companies that sell and arrange this service for you, though they are obviously taking a cut from your budget themselves. Google now sells these directly or it is a very very easy thing for you to set up for yourself. Many companies find this a competitively priced way to bring in visitors to their site.

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