New Website Design Kidderminster 2024

Well, 2024 is here and you have made it through the last few very unusual and interesting years. So, are you thinking about a new business or a new website or updating your existing website? Perhaps this is something you have been meaning to get around to for a while?

If your current website is not mobile-friendly it is not Google friendly you will find Google will be penalising you for not having a responsive style website. This is not just hype, this is real and it could be costing your business dearly.

With over half of all web searches now made on smartphones and mobile devices you need to look great on all these devices straight away and if you don’t your customers are off to your competitors before even giving you a second look.

We are optimistically starting 2024, if you like the look of our sites Call or you are always welcome to pop over and see us in person, in our Kidderminster Web Design studio on Spennels in Kidderminster. Have a coffee and tell us about your ideas.

Also NEW for 2024. A fixed-price 8-page website fully designed and written for just £1196 including domain name and hosting for the first year and we will spread the payments over 3 months! Nothing else to pay.

This is a NEW LOW–COST–LOW–RISK way of getting your new website live on the web and getting your business seen.

Extra pages and extra updates are available at any time at £60 P/H

Give us a call on 07967 716713 to find out how to get started.


Kidderminster Web Design

We are always upgrading and redesigning sites which have become old and outdated. We have also greatly expanded two sites for existing customers looking to be found for a wider variety of search terms. We have always enjoyed working closely with new clients to help raise a company’s profile and increase their business always showing them in a good professional light.

Today the web is cluttered with old, outdated and tired website designs and these can do nothing to enhance the reputation of your company and can easily hurt your business. If your website is more than 4 years old and has not been updated it will probably be slipping down the rankings in Google, is difficult to find and will be doing little to help your company’s image in the eyes of potential customers.

Although the current crop of fully responsive Google-friendly designs has a similarity to their layout they look great, as well as working well on all the latest devices and with a little thought, imagination and some decent images will show your company to be on-trend and up to date in your outlook.

We redesign and design brand-new websites sites at very good rates, take a look here.

We are also professional photographers so if you need new photographs for your website we can also create those too.  So don’t wait another minute if you have an old outdated website that may well be hurting your business, call us today and see what we can do for you. For Kidderminster Web Design call Sammy Southall WebWorks.

We can also create matching Facebook, and Twitter art for your business which all help you score better in today’s busy search arena.

Website Redesign Worcestershire

For the latest website redesign, Worcestershire has a look at our recent work. We have just launched the new website design for DCS Logistics in Droitwich a nationwide Abnormal Load Escort Company. We made their original website and did all the SEO work on it around three and a half years ago. Their company has grown in that time and so has the range of services that they can offer. Their original website had worked very well for them but was looking a little bit tired and outdated – they have had a complete redesign and have added many more pages to their website. The web is a fast-moving medium and every year it is a good idea to refresh and have a serious look at your website and ask yourself if it still represents your company well compared to your competitors. We find that every three years or so we like to completely refresh the websites for our own companies and we see that many other successful businesses do the same. If you would like to find out more about our website redesign Worcestershire service give us a call on 07967 716713. Take a look at the new site here D C S Logistics Abnormal Load Escorts


Web Designer Stourport

CKB Solutions needed a web designer Stourport to bring to life a brand new website for their company. We were delighted to design and launch another brand new fully responsive website for the lovely people at CKB Solutions. They had a website before but it had become very dated and was not serving them well. Their new site looks great on phones and tablets as well as ipads and PCs. The site was able to take advantage of professional images given to them by their suppliers and we were able to create special pages for a variety of search terms and all the different services for kitchens bedrooms and bathrooms that they provide. You can visit the site here Kitchen Makeovers Kidderminster and also have a quick peep at the matching social media we were able to create for Facebook and Twitter. You can see the matching pages by clicking on the icons at the top left of the page. Even though the clients were very busy throughout the new website build we still finished the project in a matter of weeks. Another site that is already scoring well in Google and one where the clients are extremely pleased with the result.

Most trusted and readable type fonts

Did you realise that lots of research has gone into the trust factor and readability of type fonts on the reader? The Nielsen Norman Group have been studying the eye movements of average web users. Their research uncovered some interesting facts.  There was one result which found that 22% of the visitor’s eye fixations were on graphics and 78% were on text so text and typography are extremely important. Other reports and research have found that recall from text was far higher than from pictures or video and that people’s perceptions are greatly affected by font choice. So it shows that typography is at least as important as images and videos and that care needs to be taken on the choice of font for logos and web typography – here are the fonts that made people read the most and feel comfortable and most trusting.

Swim Swift Elite – Making a splash for TWO lovely Olympians

We have just completed a brand new website for two of our Olympians. Swim Swift Elite  is a new company being set up by Olympic and Commonwealth game swimmers Joe Roebuck and Amy Smith. Joe and Amy had a clear idea of what they liked and had a pretty tight time schedule. We were delighted to have the opportunity to bring their ideas to fruition on the web and we were able to build their brand new site from scratch in just two weeks. We have designed a fabulous clean looking site which is responsive on phones, tablets and PC’s and is well linked to this couples social media sites for Twitter and Facebook. Find out more about Joe Roebuck and Amy Smith and there masterclasses and swimming camps for competitive swimmers and have a look around their website. Joe and Amy were lovely to work with and we wish them every success with their latest endeavors to give something back to the sport they are so passionate about.

A B Water – Water Pipe Replacement and Repair

We have just completed a brand new website for A B Water – A Kidderminster-based company offering an unusual service using a mole tunnelling device to create a no-dig, trenchless solution to water pipe replacement and repair. Using the mole system means that clients who use Andy Brown at A B Water to sort out problems with the mains water supply under their property have minimum disruption to their property and a fast and affordable way of repairing or replacing leaking or broken pipes in their mains water supply. For Water Pipe Replacement and Repair in Kidderminster see the new website for A B Water. To Say that Andy is over the moon with his new site would be an understatement, he felt we had understood his business and written the site in an easy-to-understand way for the public

The Real Story of SEO in Worcestershire

Search Engine Optimisation in Worcestershire

We have and continue to have considerable success with Search Engine Optimisation SEO in Worcestershire. We help write our clients websites to achieve the best results possible for them – everybody wants to be on the first page and that is where we strive to get them – but not everyone can be on the front page ( unless they use Google Adwords ) and there are many many factors that need to be in play to make this happen in most cases. It isn’t something that can be guaranteed ( Whatever some SEO companies will tell you ) It is worth spending 5 minutes and reading through this post to get the true picture about search engine optimisation. Some companies will need a lot some very little it depends on the competitiveness of your search phrases. There are many parts to the SEO Equation as you will see here – I hope that after reading this you can see the importance and the pitfalls of recruiting specialist help for your SEO help in Worcestershire. While we always follow SEO Best Practice when building a site and keep up to date with all the latest  information on SEO there are also other experts we work with as well who work on SEO all day everyday and we can engage their expertise to help take your site to the top. A lot of web design companies who claim to get you onto the front page are using dubious back linking  techniques at huge cost which will cost you between £200 and £1000 pound per month and can even result in your site being penalised by Google.

Enjoy reading this very informative post courtesy of SEO BOOK


Web Designer Worcestershire

Need a Worcestershire Web Designer?

We offer web design for small businesses in Worcestershire. Many of our clients are one-man businesses and business start-ups looking for professional website design that won’t break the bank. We are also able to redesign existing sites and bring them up to date. If you have an old basic website made by Yell or one of the other internet directory companies we can also show you how to reclaim your domain name and have us create a brand new site.

If you are a new company or a well-established one we will examine with you the main competitors to your business and see how we can help you best compete in your marketplace. We will suggest designs that will work perfectly on smartphones, tablets, iPhones, iPads as well as all sizes of PC screens. We can create a logo design if required, we can also offer first-class website photography and very affordable rates as well.

If you are looking for a professional web designer in Worcestershire we think you will be very pleased with our fast and efficient service. Our prices include fast UK web hosting for the first year. Come and see us for a chat and a coffee and let us show you what we can do for your new website.  Sammy Southall

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