Website Redesign Worcestershire

For the latest website redesign, Worcestershire has a look at our recent work. We have just launched the new website design for DCS Logistics in Droitwich a nationwide Abnormal Load Escort Company. We made their original website and did all the SEO work on it around three and a half years ago. Their company has grown in that time and so has the range of services that they can offer. Their original website had worked very well for them but was looking a little bit tired and outdated – they have had a complete redesign and have added many more pages to their website. The web is a fast-moving medium and every year it is a good idea to refresh and have a serious look at your website and ask yourself if it still represents your company well compared to your competitors. We find that every three years or so we like to completely refresh the websites for our own companies and we see that many other successful businesses do the same. If you would like to find out more about our website redesign Worcestershire service give us a call on 07967 716713. Take a look at the new site here D C S Logistics Abnormal Load Escorts


The Real Story of SEO in Worcestershire

Search Engine Optimisation in Worcestershire

We have and continue to have considerable success with Search Engine Optimisation SEO in Worcestershire. We help write our clients websites to achieve the best results possible for them – everybody wants to be on the first page and that is where we strive to get them – but not everyone can be on the front page ( unless they use Google Adwords ) and there are many many factors that need to be in play to make this happen in most cases. It isn’t something that can be guaranteed ( Whatever some SEO companies will tell you ) It is worth spending 5 minutes and reading through this post to get the true picture about search engine optimisation. Some companies will need a lot some very little it depends on the competitiveness of your search phrases. There are many parts to the SEO Equation as you will see here – I hope that after reading this you can see the importance and the pitfalls of recruiting specialist help for your SEO help in Worcestershire. While we always follow SEO Best Practice when building a site and keep up to date with all the latest  information on SEO there are also other experts we work with as well who work on SEO all day everyday and we can engage their expertise to help take your site to the top. A lot of web design companies who claim to get you onto the front page are using dubious back linking  techniques at huge cost which will cost you between £200 and £1000 pound per month and can even result in your site being penalised by Google.

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